Saturday, January 20, 2007

Senti lang

I dont know, but sometimes, when you miss your friends, you simply miss them so much that you either feel like crying or laughing out loud.

Despite hightech devices that keeps you in touch, there is still no substitute to talking face to face. To a smile. To laughing together. To crying together. To warm embraces. To kisses in the air. To flying kisses. To a teasing wink. To a bit of a push. To holding hands. To giving a toast. To picking on each others meals. To trying on clothes. To fake and real compliments. To exchange gifts. To posing for photos. To asking for help. To asking not to help. To be loud. To keep quiet.

To push. To shop. To binge. To bar hop. To get drunk. To fall in love. To fall out of love. To dance. To sing. To travel. To rush. To waving goodbye. To see you soon's. To hope to see you soon's. To 'am coming your way next year's'...

To be senti marami pang to's.