Friday, July 31, 2009

What do we do with our seashells?

During our vacation in the beach a few years ago, the kids collected a few seashells. I told them they could only bring home so much as the sea would also need the seashells. They agreed and left most of their collections on the beach shore.

But they chose a few with flaws on them to bring home as they said, 'they wanted to keep the beach beautiful.'

At home, they forgot about the shells. A few days ago, I found the box where they kept the shells, I reminded them that we could have just left them all on the beach as they dont have a use for them anymore.

The girls couldnt accept it just like that. They said the seashells could be of use. And so we spent the day making a list and being creative:

1. Use them as decorations for greeting cards.
2. Create a wall decor out of them.
3. Scatter them around the unused corners of the bathroom
4. Sprinkle them around our koi pond
5. Create a bracelet or necklace out of them
6. Make a kitchen (flea) cover out of it (see photo below)
The seashell kitchen (flea) cover is easy. Choose the seashells with holes on them. Have a small piece of cloth ready. Sew the seashells to the cloth ends. Voila, you've got your own kitchen cover.

The kids could easily do this alone! Just supervise them with the sewing, of course.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What happened to your breasts?

I had just finished bathing and was toweling myself dry when 7-year-old MC barged into the bathroom.

Then she asked, 'mama, what happened to your breasts?' while comparing her breasts against mine. 'They should look like this (pointing to hers),' she emphasized.

I explained to her that while a girl is growing up, not only her chest would change. Her whole body would also grow with her, just as she's growing taller; just as she needed a new pair of shoes because the old pair doesnt fit her anymore.

In which she answered, 'I dont want to be a giant though.' I answered her that there is no chance of that as we dont have a giant in the family :-D

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mama, please play with us

My husband and I were out most days the last week.

Though the kids were kept busy with their playmates and home activities; they noticed our absences. And MC asked, ' you know what mama, it's been a long time since you played with us. When can you play with us again?'

Though I expected that they would miss our presence, the question jolted me. I know that we are being busy as we are working on something for our future; but I also know that we should not ignore the present. The kids needed us now.

Right there and then I decided to stay home. I devoted that whole day playing with the kids. I realized I missed playing with them, too.

Despite being busy, there should always be a time to play with the kids. Dont wait for tomorrow, there is always time, even a short one, now.

And here's how I manage with my 'short but sweet' playtimes:

1. Mornings I wake them up a little earlier and cuddle with them and tickle them.
2. While combing their hair, we play a game of pretend.
3. On the road I call them and play short puzzle games.
4. Evenings we go for short walks or a quick visit to the playground.
5. If I am too tired, we would simply draw together or read together.

Of course, big playdates and longer play hours are reserved during weekends and holidays.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What is a Christening?

I became a happy godmother last month. I brought the whole family with me during the celebration.

The kids, witnessing the ceremony for the first time (MC was there during IC's christening but she was only two years old at that time); was so excited.

Number one because they got to play with the baby. They were even allowed to carry the baby which made them prouder.

Number two because as I've said, it is their first time to watch and be a part of a christening.

On our way to the christening, they asked the inevitable: What is a christening?

I told them it is a church rite in which a child is baptized by sprinkling water on their head to become a member of the church and the time to give the child a Christian name. I told them the child would be wearing a white dress showing that they are pure. And the child would have godparents who would help take care of them and guide them as they grow up.

I dont know if they understood as they simply nodded on my explanation. But they were fully concentrated on the ceremony the whole time. And in the end they told me 'mama, you got it right; everything was done as you said.' ;D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harvest Time is Play Time

The garden is inviting us with its colorful offers. The fruits are ripe. The trees are thick with treasures. The kids are have their baskets. They are wearing their 'get dirty' clothes. They are ready to harvest, ready to play.
But first, they stuffed themselves before their baskets. 'We needed to eat to have enough strenght to help,' said MC.
They relaxed on the apple tree, still bare; and took turns picking cherries while pretending to be monkeys.
Made themselves more beautiful using cherry earrings.

Used the ladder to get higher and higher, wanting more cherries on their baskets and trying to reach the sky.
And they played hide and seek in between bushes of berries, punctuating their runs with bites here and there.

At the end of the day, they're tired yet happy and proudly showing off their collection.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bad Men Always Wear Black

One of those bedtime talks with my 7 year old and it goes...

'Mama, I know what bad men looks like. They always wear black and most of them have mouth covers,' MC said.

I asked her where she got those ideas, although I mostly suspected the television's influence. She confirmed it, too as she explained, 'I saw them in TV.'

I had to tell her that she must not always believe the television. That bad men could wear nice clothes, too; that nice men could wear black, too.

What is important is to trust what she feels when she interacts with people. If she dont feel comfortable with the people around her; no matter what color of clothes they have on; then she should avoid them. Or tell us what she feels and we would be there for her.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Beautiful Compliment

Since MC's still very much on her 'be nutritious' phase, which I hope would evolve to be a lifestyle; I packed slices of plain brown bread and cubes of nectarine for her to bring to school.

Back home after school, she gave me a big hug and told me, 'Mama, you are a mind reader. The food you packed for me this morning was something I have always wanted.'

She added, 'you are the best.'

I gave her a smile, a big hug and said 'thank you.

She was beaming, I was, too :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nutrition Week and What She Learned

A few weeks ago was Nutrition Week at MC's school. Everytime she comes home from school, she would give us a list of things they learned.

It has a big impact on her because for the past days these past weeks, she kept on reminding us about the following:

1. Butter is not so good. We could only use it a little once a day. Thus, she would ask me to give her plain bread; every other day. And that made Papa use more margarine when cooking.

2. Oil is also fat. We are only allowed a few drops per serving. Thus, she would check on us when we cook and even when we create our salad dressing.

3. Dont eat too much egg. Although she loves to eat eggs during weekends, she has skipped them. Remember that she'd learned how to cook scrambled egg and was so proud about it.

4. Continue with having fruits on the menu. She said she proudly shared to the class that we always have fresh fruits at home. And the kids do love munching on fruits, instead of chips and sweets.

5. Vegetable is good. She said she must slowly learn to love eating veggies. In fact, she had a big serving of spinach yesterday, a first time for her!

6. No more sweets. She said sweets are not good for the teeth and for the body. Actually, MC only occasionally eats sweets, it is IC who's got the sweet tooth. And both kids dont crave softdrinks.

7. Of course, enough sport and play. She said that is why she loves her bike and hiking.

I hope she'll grow up keeping these knowledge with her ;D