Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What is a Christening?

I became a happy godmother last month. I brought the whole family with me during the celebration.

The kids, witnessing the ceremony for the first time (MC was there during IC's christening but she was only two years old at that time); was so excited.

Number one because they got to play with the baby. They were even allowed to carry the baby which made them prouder.

Number two because as I've said, it is their first time to watch and be a part of a christening.

On our way to the christening, they asked the inevitable: What is a christening?

I told them it is a church rite in which a child is baptized by sprinkling water on their head to become a member of the church and the time to give the child a Christian name. I told them the child would be wearing a white dress showing that they are pure. And the child would have godparents who would help take care of them and guide them as they grow up.

I dont know if they understood as they simply nodded on my explanation. But they were fully concentrated on the ceremony the whole time. And in the end they told me 'mama, you got it right; everything was done as you said.' ;D

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