Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Rainy Christmas Day 2013

Oh no, my first rainy Christmas day! But the dog had to go out and that means I have to go with him.

Despite the rain, it was warm so I enjoyed the short stroll in the woods. It smelled so fresh and the stillness after the chaos of last night was a welcome change, too.

My husband took care of our breakfast this morning, too. It is actually a brunch as it was already 12 noon when we sat down.

After breakfast, my husband didn't leave the kitchen as he had to prepare our dinner tonight. The main dish being a wild boar, we got it from our friendly neighbor hunter. The wild boar would take more than three hours in the oven (after being marinated with butter milk overnight).

No chance to go out, as the rain didn't stop. The girls refused to even think of places to visit today, and I refused to walk in the woods. Instead, we cuddled in front of the television and watched Eight Below, a film featuring Paul Walker that focused on eight Husky dogs left for months alone in a research base in Antartica after a snow storm.

Actually, this is the first time that the whole family really sat down together to watch the whole film. That would say how the movie got our attention the whole time. Okay, I cried a bit while watching the movie and I guess I am not the only one :-) Anyway, it has a happy ending so out hearts were warmed, too.

Christmas dinner consisted of:

Roasted wild boar on the table

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

I woke up to feed Rikki, as she refused to eat the food provided by my husband!

Then I decided to play Santa for a few minutes, passing by MC's friend to give her gift (A gift certificate for creating crafts by us plus a marzipan Santa boots), then gave a Christmas card and Choco crinkles to the couple who gave us cash donation during our donation drive for Haiyan survivors. I also had a surprisingly interesting story-telling time with them during war time, when Germany needed help to rebuilt. The husband said it would not take time, but the people in the Philippines would rebuild definitely.

Meanwhile, Rikki waited patiently while I chatted with the people before we left to go in the woods, where we met a hunter along the way and exchanged Christmas wishes.

Breakfast was ready when we arrived home. We lingered a bit during breakfast, before the girls and Papa drove to the cemetery to visit the grave of my in laws, where they left a Christmas wreath and lighted a candle.

While they were away, I cleared the table and started preparing for the evening. Setting the table, etc. etc. Most importantly, I decided to bring the gifts out. Yes, the Christ Child came!

Our Christmas Eve table

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Fourth Sunday of Advent
Today is the fourth Sunday of Advent...

My husband woke up to feed the dog, who refused to eat. That means, I had to get up and feed the dog before walking her (yawn)! The reason why the dog won't eat? My husband forgot to give her her early morning Christmas treat, before feeding her :-) Spoiled dog, huh.

Our breakfast was short as we had to drive to a trout breeder in Mossautal-Hüttenthal because the girls wanted fish for our Christmas Eve's dinner. When we arrived, we noticed a note on the door stating they are not open Sundays! Oopss, but when we tried the door and it opened, a friendly woman greeted us and informed us that as long as people arrive to buy, they are ready to serve. Arent' we lucky they have excellent customer service?

She told us to go down to the pond where the owner would catch the fish for us. I chose a big salmon trout to the suprise of the owner because as she said, 'it is too big for a woman so small like you.' I told her not to worry. Since I am the only one who chose the salmon trout, I am sure the girls would be wanting to 'taste' my fish. Meaning, I would have enough for the three of us, right? The girls and their Papa would rather have the normal trout.

We also brought two pieces of smoked trout for our appetizer.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Third Sunday of Advent

It's the third Sunday of Advent.
The third Sunday of Advent
Three candles were burning during breakfast, afterwhich, the whole family took off to buy our Christmas tree.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MC is 12

MC is now 12-years-old.
How time flies... and now her highlights.

MC's birthday cake
She watched her first open air concert this year, featuring her favorite DSDS winners.
And started collecting CD's of her fave artists.
During our summer camping, she mostly would disappear with her friends in the camping area.
She even went to a Friday disco with her 'camping friends' family, together with IC, of course.
But she would still refuse to go alone to the toilet and the wash room.

Then she joined the three-day class outing to Worms.
Where she called her Papa a day after crying, saying she wanted to be picked-up.
The reason? She was so irritated and extremely frustrated because her roommates said she is simply to small to join some game.
After talking to her and calming her down, MC decided she would stay and enjoy the rest of the outing.
She did!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Second Sunday of Advent

The second Sunday of Advent...
The second Sunday of Advent
IC was not home. She was invited for a sleep-over party and was picked up after breakfast.

I went out to walk with the dog while Papa prepared brunch. MC helped in the kitchen and she also set the table.

After our brunch, MC realized we forgot to light up our Advent wreath! It was her duty today, so she hurriedly did her job. Our prayer for today is for good government, especially in the Philippines and extra special prayers to the survivors of Haiyan.

Afterwards, Papa fetched IC and went outside to rake the leaves. MC got busy in her bedroom. IC helped me bake more Christmas cookies because MC would be bringing them to school for her birthday this Tuesday.

And since the oven is already warm, I decided to bake more cookies, this time for our dog. I checked the backyard garden on what I could use with the frozen chicken broth. There were some spinach and arugula, they would do.

I will share the recipe for this dog treat later.

Spinach and Arugula Dog treat
Meanwhile, I need to help IC dress up. She is going to a club party as Papa's date tonight. It was MC's turn last year. Hopefully, it would be my turn next year :-)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Today is St.Nicholas Day

A popular German tradition, it was in 2007 that the girls got a bit curious when it comes to St.Nicholas.

St.Nicholas Day
Usually, we asked their uncle to wear the Santa costume. It used to be a December highlight for the whole family when we would gather for dinner. But before supper, a special someone would ring the bell, and lo and behold: St. Nicholas in a Santa costume would come bearing gifts.

Then one time, we celebrated St. Nicholas, the girls asked why their uncle was not in the house. Is he not invited, they asked? We all said he would come a little late. And then their cousins (the daughters of their uncle), started giggling. That was when the St. Nicholas rang the bell, more giggles came because the girls noticed that the St. Nicholas was wearing the same boots that their uncle used to wear! Gasp!

Everything went well that year. The girls forgot about their questions on the identity of St. Nicholas when they saw the gifts. The year after that incident, we asked an officemate of my husband to be the one in costume, bearing gifts :-) Whew!

Monday, December 2, 2013

First Sunday of Advent 2013

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent.

Our special prayers went to the survivors of Haiyan.

Advent Wreath 2013

Yesterday was also our Kindertag (Kids' Day). Instead of going out for an adventure, the girls chose to simply enjoy the day after breakfast. IC went biking with her Papa in the woods. Afterwards, the girls (including Rikki) drove with their Papa to the cemetery to leave our Christmas wreath on oma and opa's tomb.

Then they went to our favorite country stall to buy apples and pears where Rikki got to play with the farmer's German Sheperd, Emily.