Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Fourth Sunday of Advent
Today is the fourth Sunday of Advent...

My husband woke up to feed the dog, who refused to eat. That means, I had to get up and feed the dog before walking her (yawn)! The reason why the dog won't eat? My husband forgot to give her her early morning Christmas treat, before feeding her :-) Spoiled dog, huh.

Our breakfast was short as we had to drive to a trout breeder in Mossautal-Hüttenthal because the girls wanted fish for our Christmas Eve's dinner. When we arrived, we noticed a note on the door stating they are not open Sundays! Oopss, but when we tried the door and it opened, a friendly woman greeted us and informed us that as long as people arrive to buy, they are ready to serve. Arent' we lucky they have excellent customer service?

She told us to go down to the pond where the owner would catch the fish for us. I chose a big salmon trout to the suprise of the owner because as she said, 'it is too big for a woman so small like you.' I told her not to worry. Since I am the only one who chose the salmon trout, I am sure the girls would be wanting to 'taste' my fish. Meaning, I would have enough for the three of us, right? The girls and their Papa would rather have the normal trout.

We also brought two pieces of smoked trout for our appetizer.

We really recommend this trout breeder. We have been buying from them for years. If you want to visit them, here's their contact details:
Forellenzucht Sieglinde Burkard-Heilmann
Güttersbacher Str. 55
64756 Mossautal-Hüttenthal
Tel: 06062-4211

Opening Hours
Wed and Thurs from 2-6 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 2 - 6 p.m.
Sat 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Afterwards, we looked for a restaurant for lunch. Remember it is a Sunday? Well, in Germany, the commercial world stops on a Sunday and especially on a Sunday during Christmas season.

So unlike back home in the Philippines when the only time the hustle and bustel around the shopping and eating out world would stop is during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

It took us almost an hour before we could find a restaurant that is open, and one that could accommodate the four of us! MC was already having a full tantrums at this time because she only drank a cup of tea before we left. We stopped in at least six restaurants before discovering that they are all closed. One was open but they are fully booked. We almost gave up, when not for the recommendation we received from the fully-booked restaurant's staff. She told us to drive around the corner and we would find Der Grüne Baum (The Green Tree).

Der Grüne Baum it was for us today. The place was inviting, though the girls noticed that most of the guests were elderly people. Who cares as long as the food is good. My family enjoyed their food (that came with a big plate of salad), I had roasted chicken with french fries and grilled veggies which was a bit too salty for my taste. The french fries too dry. Since I wasn't able to finish the chicken, I asked the waitress for a doggie bag.

It was meant for our doggie, too, but.... (story to continue...)

We planned to go for a long walk in the woods but it started raining when we arrived thus we ended up enjoying a short, quick walk. Hmm, fresh air!

Back home... MC begged to eat half of what's inside the doggie bag! What can I say? The trout breeder would never understand why I chose the big salmon trout despite my size, but I know the appetie of my growing girls :-)

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