Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MC is 12

MC is now 12-years-old.
How time flies... and now her highlights.

MC's birthday cake
She watched her first open air concert this year, featuring her favorite DSDS winners.
And started collecting CD's of her fave artists.
During our summer camping, she mostly would disappear with her friends in the camping area.
She even went to a Friday disco with her 'camping friends' family, together with IC, of course.
But she would still refuse to go alone to the toilet and the wash room.

Then she joined the three-day class outing to Worms.
Where she called her Papa a day after crying, saying she wanted to be picked-up.
The reason? She was so irritated and extremely frustrated because her roommates said she is simply to small to join some game.
After talking to her and calming her down, MC decided she would stay and enjoy the rest of the outing.
She did!

She went to her first Halloween party organized by the city's youth club this year with her school friends.
She was armed with my words: do not talk to strangers, do not accept drinks/food from strangers, do not share contact detail with strangers, do not go to the toilet alone, and afterwards, wait in well-lighted area with a group until Papa comes to fetch you.

She has started wearing bandeau and might graduate soon to the real bra.
She is now taller than her mom (that's me:-D).
She tends to raid my closet (and in a weeks time, would return most of my clothes because they have become unacceptable).
She has taken over most of my winter boots.
And this morning decided she will be taking over my winter coats and jackets, too.

She also discovered that shopping is fun, but keeps to her budget.
And unfortunately, discovered how the telephone really works :-)
She is now extra careful with her appearance when she goes out.
She changes her nail polish almost every day.
She loves those nail stickers especially those coming from the Philippines.
And she has started keeping her nails longer, trimming them herself.
(A source of amusement from me because I always keep my nails short and unpolished!!!)

She maintained her contact with her old friends (even those from kindergarten) and has found new ones.
She has a soft heart and notices immediately those kids who need help or need comfort or need friends.
She would talk to them and would be their friend, would even become their forever friend (sometimes despite her Papa's will).

I will try not to mention her temper nor her bursts of making her little sister crazy once in a while.
I refuse to talk about her not moving a finger because her little sister didn't move a finger, too.
I will skip listing down the times she seemed not to hear my shouts for help, my appeal for assistance.
I will not focus on the way she works on her lessons, too.

MC's birthday cake after we enjoyed a few slices
Because I know we are allowed to have our moods. And because we should focus on the positive.

She is patient. She is kind. She is compassionate. And is still very honest, which sometimes result to something a bit irritating.

She still loves to share her day to us.
Telling us every fine details.
She exchanges notes with her sister, sometimes with us.
She still writes a letter to Santa and to the Christkind.
She still believes in the Tooth Fairy.
She loves painting. She loves crafts. She loves reading. She loves baking and cooking still!
And I love that she's an outdoor girl!

That's our MC, 12-years-old today!

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