Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Second Sunday of Advent

The second Sunday of Advent...
The second Sunday of Advent
IC was not home. She was invited for a sleep-over party and was picked up after breakfast.

I went out to walk with the dog while Papa prepared brunch. MC helped in the kitchen and she also set the table.

After our brunch, MC realized we forgot to light up our Advent wreath! It was her duty today, so she hurriedly did her job. Our prayer for today is for good government, especially in the Philippines and extra special prayers to the survivors of Haiyan.

Afterwards, Papa fetched IC and went outside to rake the leaves. MC got busy in her bedroom. IC helped me bake more Christmas cookies because MC would be bringing them to school for her birthday this Tuesday.

And since the oven is already warm, I decided to bake more cookies, this time for our dog. I checked the backyard garden on what I could use with the frozen chicken broth. There were some spinach and arugula, they would do.

I will share the recipe for this dog treat later.

Spinach and Arugula Dog treat
Meanwhile, I need to help IC dress up. She is going to a club party as Papa's date tonight. It was MC's turn last year. Hopefully, it would be my turn next year :-)

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