Friday, May 28, 2010

Where did you come from, Mama?

Six-year-old IC has been repeatedly asking me this, 'Mama, where did you come from?'

It seems she cant fully understand the fact that she and her sister were born in Germany; and yet, I, their mother came from a far away land, the Philippines.

Dear IC,

No, I didnt come from anybody's womb to be born in Germany.

More than forty-years ago, your Lola (Grandma) gave birth to me. (Of course, she is not so old then.)

For me to reach Germany,

I actually travelled by plane, a 12-hour ride from Asia.

There, your Papa and I got married.

There, you and your sister were born.

Both of you were in my womb.

No, you and your sister didnt arrive by plane :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

To promise or not to promise?

When sleepy and tired, the girls would tend to have tantrums.

Then they would start creating issues.

And last night was this: MC wants to buy a classmate a very expensive gift because her other classmates also brought expensive gifts.

My answer was: let's see. Knowing that although she's tired and sleepy, she would remember.

Her papa said, there are also things that are not so expensive yet great to have, too. MC wont hear about them.

She wants to extract a promise that she buy an expensive toy for her friend.

I kept repeating,'we would see.'

She kept on crying because I wont give a definite answer. Her papa said just give in. But I told him, 'I will not give promises that would be broken.'

What happened? She was too tired to care in the end. She slept.

In the morning, I asked her what she wants to give her friend.

Her answer? 'Mama, I think I am the only one sleeping over after her party. I think my presence would already be a nice gift.'

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homeworked 2010

Of course, my girls are growing.
Someone noticed!
Thus, this drawing.

Thanks again to Rienne!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

MC's Spontaneous Pajama Party

My girls, ages 6 and 8, wont sleep unless my husband or I, would bring them to bed, read a story ( in MC's case she would sometimes read for us); exchange stories, cuddle, whatever.

And then, during a barbecue party at home with some friends in school; MC got caught in a spontaneous pajama party. Just because MC dont want to join us for a long drive the next day. MC, as expected, is not yet ready to sleep over in a friend's house. What happened was, her friend stayed with us.

MC arranged and prepared everything, together with her friend. They got themselves ready for bed. They prepared their sleeping arrangements. Then they closed the door on us with a warning, 'Please knock before you open.'

I heard them talking and giggling until late night, I like hearing them.

Anyway, even though MC's friend is to sleep with us; I know I had to prepare MC for it, especially as it was a spontaneous decision. I talked to her about the following things:

- MC had to accept that her friend would be sleeping over (Not because her friend wants to sleep over, MC would agree, right?)
- MC had to agree that her friend would be sleeping in her room (She is someone who values her privacy, so it is rare that she agrees for sofa bed to be used, in her own bedroom with her)
- MC must know that since it was a spontaneous decision, her friend would have to borrow her clothes, too
- MC must also show her friend the bathroom and kitchen; where the basic things are

MC realized that she is now the 'hostess' and is responsible to her friend. That made her stand a little taller and I think, that made her grow-up a little, too.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My mom is not voting

How could I ask my kids to be a better citizen when I have not registered for today's historical automated election in the Philippines?

IC's kindergarten teacher dismissed the class last Friday and she came to me with a smile, 'I heard from your daughter that you are not voting,' she asked.

Sheepishly I nodded. 'It was too much paperwork when we have just transfered house after being devastated by the typhoon,' I told her.

But of course, that is not an excuse. I could have registered earlier. I could have prepared all documents because I knew what was needed anyway. I could have done many other things so I could have voted today. I could have done something.

This made me realize that we should not take for granted such things small or big, because the kids today have both eyes and both ears open. They would simply ask and would wonder why you missed on such an opportunity to help in being counted in what they see as the future of the country; which means the future of our kids.

That Friday night I gathered my kids close and told them that yes, I wasnt registered. Yes, I wont be able to vote.I informed them that I took my stand publicly. I supported my chosen candidates by volunteering my time and effort in writing about them and making people informed about their candidates. I read the important items about the elections and helped disseminate the essential information.

'But next time you should vote, mama,' said IC.

I will, I promise!

Please pray for the Filipino people that their choice for the future of the Philippines would be someone who is ready to work for the people.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Facebook and my 8-year-old, Again!

Their teacher was absent. So they went off with a substitute teacher to the computer room for their work.

The kids were shouting for Facebook. They all wanted to open their Facebook accounts.

The substitute teacher, getting curious, asked them what Facebook is all about.

The general answer of the kids? Facebook means games!

Of course, they arent allowed.

But there comes the teasing again. MC is jealous because she dont have one.

But she informed her classmates that she could also play games in the computer without the aid of Facebook.

And then she asked them if they know how to play chess (that is MC and IC's favorite computer game); most of them dont know what chess is; and only a few knows how to play the game.

MC concluded with saying, 'I could also play games in the computer, I dont need to have a Facebook.'

Note: Since it seems to be the only thing being discussed during their break time, I already talked to the Guidance Counselor of the school about it. It turned out that Facebook is also the hot topic these past weeks whenever she talk to any students. She said there should be a guideline given to teachers which they should pass on to their students and their parents, she would work on it.

Here's another Facebook story I posted.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Urgently Needed: A- Blood Type

As of 17:00, We received an SMS 'Es ist genug Blut da.' (There's enough blood donated already).

Manila, Philippines

An SMS or a text message we received early this morning:

‘Wir haben einen Schwertsverlezten Deutschen im Makati Medical Center. Er braucht dringenst A-. Bitter weiterleiten.’

The same message we actually received last night through the school messaging system:

May 02, 2010
Manila, Philippines

A DED member had a serious accident in Leyte and Leyte and is transported to Manila. The patient needs a blood transfusion A-.

If you know of anyone who is willing to donate blood, please leave a message here of call/text 0915-3305977.

Let's help anyway we can, even by reposting this so that more people would know; and who knows, we might reach someone who could help immediately.

Thanks a lot for reading this.