Friday, May 28, 2010

Where did you come from, Mama?

Six-year-old IC has been repeatedly asking me this, 'Mama, where did you come from?'

It seems she cant fully understand the fact that she and her sister were born in Germany; and yet, I, their mother came from a far away land, the Philippines.

Dear IC,

No, I didnt come from anybody's womb to be born in Germany.

More than forty-years ago, your Lola (Grandma) gave birth to me. (Of course, she is not so old then.)

For me to reach Germany,

I actually travelled by plane, a 12-hour ride from Asia.

There, your Papa and I got married.

There, you and your sister were born.

Both of you were in my womb.

No, you and your sister didnt arrive by plane :D

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