Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Facebook and my 8-year-old, Again!

Their teacher was absent. So they went off with a substitute teacher to the computer room for their work.

The kids were shouting for Facebook. They all wanted to open their Facebook accounts.

The substitute teacher, getting curious, asked them what Facebook is all about.

The general answer of the kids? Facebook means games!

Of course, they arent allowed.

But there comes the teasing again. MC is jealous because she dont have one.

But she informed her classmates that she could also play games in the computer without the aid of Facebook.

And then she asked them if they know how to play chess (that is MC and IC's favorite computer game); most of them dont know what chess is; and only a few knows how to play the game.

MC concluded with saying, 'I could also play games in the computer, I dont need to have a Facebook.'

Note: Since it seems to be the only thing being discussed during their break time, I already talked to the Guidance Counselor of the school about it. It turned out that Facebook is also the hot topic these past weeks whenever she talk to any students. She said there should be a guideline given to teachers which they should pass on to their students and their parents, she would work on it.

Here's another Facebook story I posted.

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Kristine@SaladBowlMommy said...

Hi. It's amazing how Facebook influences sooo many people- incl kids. I'm wondering how long my 6 yr old would realize the existence of these things. regards,
Kristine from The Salad Bowl Mommy