Saturday, May 15, 2010

MC's Spontaneous Pajama Party

My girls, ages 6 and 8, wont sleep unless my husband or I, would bring them to bed, read a story ( in MC's case she would sometimes read for us); exchange stories, cuddle, whatever.

And then, during a barbecue party at home with some friends in school; MC got caught in a spontaneous pajama party. Just because MC dont want to join us for a long drive the next day. MC, as expected, is not yet ready to sleep over in a friend's house. What happened was, her friend stayed with us.

MC arranged and prepared everything, together with her friend. They got themselves ready for bed. They prepared their sleeping arrangements. Then they closed the door on us with a warning, 'Please knock before you open.'

I heard them talking and giggling until late night, I like hearing them.

Anyway, even though MC's friend is to sleep with us; I know I had to prepare MC for it, especially as it was a spontaneous decision. I talked to her about the following things:

- MC had to accept that her friend would be sleeping over (Not because her friend wants to sleep over, MC would agree, right?)
- MC had to agree that her friend would be sleeping in her room (She is someone who values her privacy, so it is rare that she agrees for sofa bed to be used, in her own bedroom with her)
- MC must know that since it was a spontaneous decision, her friend would have to borrow her clothes, too
- MC must also show her friend the bathroom and kitchen; where the basic things are

MC realized that she is now the 'hostess' and is responsible to her friend. That made her stand a little taller and I think, that made her grow-up a little, too.

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