Monday, May 10, 2010

My mom is not voting

How could I ask my kids to be a better citizen when I have not registered for today's historical automated election in the Philippines?

IC's kindergarten teacher dismissed the class last Friday and she came to me with a smile, 'I heard from your daughter that you are not voting,' she asked.

Sheepishly I nodded. 'It was too much paperwork when we have just transfered house after being devastated by the typhoon,' I told her.

But of course, that is not an excuse. I could have registered earlier. I could have prepared all documents because I knew what was needed anyway. I could have done many other things so I could have voted today. I could have done something.

This made me realize that we should not take for granted such things small or big, because the kids today have both eyes and both ears open. They would simply ask and would wonder why you missed on such an opportunity to help in being counted in what they see as the future of the country; which means the future of our kids.

That Friday night I gathered my kids close and told them that yes, I wasnt registered. Yes, I wont be able to vote.I informed them that I took my stand publicly. I supported my chosen candidates by volunteering my time and effort in writing about them and making people informed about their candidates. I read the important items about the elections and helped disseminate the essential information.

'But next time you should vote, mama,' said IC.

I will, I promise!

Please pray for the Filipino people that their choice for the future of the Philippines would be someone who is ready to work for the people.

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