Monday, May 3, 2010

Urgently Needed: A- Blood Type

As of 17:00, We received an SMS 'Es ist genug Blut da.' (There's enough blood donated already).

Manila, Philippines

An SMS or a text message we received early this morning:

‘Wir haben einen Schwertsverlezten Deutschen im Makati Medical Center. Er braucht dringenst A-. Bitter weiterleiten.’

The same message we actually received last night through the school messaging system:

May 02, 2010
Manila, Philippines

A DED member had a serious accident in Leyte and Leyte and is transported to Manila. The patient needs a blood transfusion A-.

If you know of anyone who is willing to donate blood, please leave a message here of call/text 0915-3305977.

Let's help anyway we can, even by reposting this so that more people would know; and who knows, we might reach someone who could help immediately.

Thanks a lot for reading this.

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