Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More on Facebook and my 8-year-old

I posted about Facebook and MC here.

The day after that, she came home with this story.

A classmate, who like MC, was one of those ignorant ones about Facebook, came to school with a big, big smile.

MC, curious, asked her, 'Why are you so happy this morning?'

The classmate informed her proudly that she finally got her own Facebook account the night before. She said that she could finally play at Facebook. She loves Facebook, she announced to MC.

MC just shrugged and said, 'Ok.'

Her classmate teased her, 'you dont know Facebook. I am sure you are jealous!'

MC shrugged nonchalantly and said, 'I dont care about Facebook. My mama showed it to me and I wasnt interested.'

'You are simply jealous,' insisted her classmate. To which MC replied: 'Think what you want.'

To me, she said, 'They are all crazy about Facebook. I dont understand why!'

I hugged her and said, 'Sometimes, you just have to accept that people have different interests.'

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Toni said...

I loved how she stood her ground! You raised her well *hugs*