Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Generosity

It was the pre-Easter celebration in school last week. The girls and their school mates were all over the school playground getting busy.

I saw one girl with a big sack of plastic Easter eggs being followed by her classmates. In an instant, I saw the same girl and her followers beside me.

'You know what, MC wants to have two Easter eggs. But I am only allowed to give her one,' she said me. Her followers all nodded with her declaration because all of them got only one egg.

I told her that it is her decision. If she doesnt want to give MC two eggs; and MC doesnt want just one egg -- then they should be able to find a compromise that would be good for both of them.

After my little speech, they went off looking for MC who immediately sneaked up beside me and said, 'Mama, I told her I dont want to accept it if I got only one egg; because then IC wont be getting any egg. I dont want that,' said IC's big sister. 'So I said, two eggs or nothing.' IC, beamed to her sister, in hearing that.

A few minutes after, the girl with the eggs come to us and offered two eggs -- one for MC and one for IC. She declared that it is okay to give two eggs to MC because one would go to her little sister.

Running off, she shouted to her brother, 'Sorry but you arent getting any egg, I already gave it to somebody else.'

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