Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, IC!

She turned 6 today.

Last March, she cant wait for April to come. She knows her birthday is in April. She knows her birthday would be celebrated after Easter. She knows her friends would come to party. She knows her cousins would come to party.

She's already listed down the gifts she wanted. She's already listed down the party loots she wants to have. She's already listed down the games we would play.

And then came April. It is too hot. She changed her want list. She wants a swimming party. We found a resort near our house. She would party there with her friends. That would be in the next Friday, the Easter break just ended last Monday.

Yesterday, she agreed to celebrate her birthday at home with her cousins and the 'adults.'

But she specifically demanded, 'please tell the people you invited to my birthday to come with a gift. Or else, the security guard in our village would not allow them to enter.'

I informed the people we invited, and they all found it cute.

Well, cute it is. But IC is serious.

This morning, before leaving our village, IC told me to lower the window of our car.

The birthday girl told the security guard, 'make sure that the people who are coming to my birthday have gifts, or else, dont let them in.' ;D


an2nette said...

Hi! happy birthday kay IC, tama naman yon, dapat lang na may gift bertdey eh

Nina said...

it's funny and I can relate...ganun ata kids eh, they are happy when they receive gifts kahit simple lang basta meron :)