Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why is Monday called Monday?

Late Sunday night, I was in bed with 8-year-old MC, just talking about our day and planning our week.

When she asked, 'How come Monday is called Monday? Since when did you start calling Monday a Monday? And who told you to call Monday a Monday? And what about the other days of the week?'

I was torn between making up an answer and trying to tell her what I know; if I make up an answer, I dont really know how fast I could do it. If I tell her what I know, it would be finished faster because I dont know where to start :D

The truth will set you free and I realized this is also a chance for her to be interested in reading and knowing about history.

I told her, 'you know what, Monday is called Monday for a very long time already; the same thing with the other days of the week. If you are really interested to know the reason why, let us get a history book and look this up.'

She nodded in agreement. So tomorrow, we have a date in the school library. We would try to find a book that would let us know more about why Monday is Monday. Wish us luck!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I want to marry a security guard

We stopped in a bank after school because I have a business to attend to.

A few minutes later, an armoured vehicle parked right beside our car; out came the escorts, burly men with big guns.

It seemed IC got so impressed with them that she told me right away, 'Mama, when I get married, do I get to choose to whom?'

I said yes and she immediately added, 'then I want to marry a security guard. Because I know they could protect me always especially with their muscles and big guns.'

I gave her a hug and though I know it would still be years when this talk should be taken seriously, I told her, in the hope of giving a good seed ---

'Then I guess you needed a bodyguard instead. Why not look for a doctor? (that's the first thing that came to my mind and because I know I already know how to justify my choice) If you marry a doctor, he could always help you out when you are sick.'

'Oh yeah, that's also a good idea. Okay, I will marry a doctor,' and she looked out and saw again the guards. 'But is it possible to marry two men at once? A security guard and a doctor would be both good.'

I told her she could only marry one man; and that she's got enough time to really think about what she really wanted -- marrying a security guard or a doctor. And when she's decided and happy with her choice, I would be glad to help her plan her wedding :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's your decision

We were listing down MC's invitees to her post 8th birthday kiddie party a few weeks ago.

I told her, it is her decision.

She would know who to invite. She should know why she invited her guests.

She said she would invite six kids only; and proceeded to write down their names on the invitation cards. And then a dilemma. Should she invite T or not?

I told her she should weigh things first. The negative and the positive things about T.

She pointed out why she wanted T to be there.

Positive: MC likes to play with her.

Negative: T tends to monopolize the time of one of her favorite playmates, E, which she also invited.

Therefore, T was not included in the list. But they are still playing together in the school.

Then I learned that T would be celebrating her birthday in the coming week. MC said, 'T did not invite me to her birthday party. She invited only three girls.'

And then she added, 'it's okay, I already know that would happen. The reason is because, I didnt invite her also to my party. But it was a good decision on my part because I enjoyed my party without fighting for E's attention.'

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I dont need you, mama

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed on morning, IC was kicking and screaming.

Trying to calm her, I offered her my help. To which she shouted, 'I dont need your help anymore, mama. I could do everything myself. I dont need you.'

What could I do? I let her be.

She rushed alone to the shower (usually I would need to stay with her). Chose her dress for the day (which she would usually charm me to do); combed her hair (a part of our morning ritual); prepared her school bag (she would ask me to do this most of the time); and in the end, she refused to eat her breakfast until her favorite 'baby teddy bear' is found.

I told her I could help her because I know where the teddy bear is. She refused to meet my eyes, but took my hand. I led her to her teddy.

When its time to go, she wanted her violet flip-flops but cant find them. I took her hand and showed her where the flip-flops are.

In the car, she wanted to be beautiful and cannot do a perfect pony tail alone. She quietly gave me the hair bands and I did a beautiful pony tail.

I helped her close the car door properly, jump from the car upon arriving in the school, protected her from the running big boys and girls on the school corridor, etc. etc.

Before I left her in front of her classroom she took my hand and gave me a hug saying, 'Mama, I still need your help.'

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mama, we need to save water

Ofter fetching the kids from school, IC suddenly stopped complaining about the sun blinding her on her seat in the car and blurted out.

'Mama, we need to save water. If we use too much water now, it might leave the earth empty of water when we are older,' she emphasized.

We all nodded in agrement with her and asked her to continue talking.

She further explained that this morning in pre-school workshop, they were talking about the importance of water in our body and the world. Water is needed by the water to keep it healthy. Water is needed by the world to keep all healthy. And most of all, water is needed so that everybody would be clean.

She added, 'we cannot go to the beach if there is no more water.'

Then it rained. I heard her and her sister getting ready to shower in the rain to save water. And while they were doing that, I told them to fill the water drum with rain water as a reserve.

I dont have to tell them that water, rainwater, adds fun to play, too. :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

M + L = Love

Remember that we just decided that the kids could have pets just a week ago?

Well, the kids did everything right.

During school time, they dont complain whey they have to wake up a little earlier. Because they must clean the cage and feed their birds. And they did those things three times a day!

Although IC is a little afraid of her bird's beak; she works without any complaint. Even if cleaning the bird's cage would sometimes make her almost throw up because of the smell. Of course, sometimes she would ask for help especially when she's 'too tired' :D

And MC? Well, she diligently cleans and scrubs the cage. Changes the water and feeds her birds. No complaints. No asking for any help. No questions asked. In fact, she would often adopt IC's bird when the cage is too dirty and IC wont move. She's learning to be responsible through the pets.

When it happened. Last Saturday, MC woke up early to jog with her papa. Upon returning home, I heard her crying. I thought she hurt herself; and I realized, she is really hurting. Why?

One of her birds is not moving anymore. That was Louie, the male bird.

She was crying. We consoled her by telling her that Louie already made her happy and now Louie needs to make others happy in another life. That made her stop crying a little.

We asked her if she wanted another bird. She said not now. She wants to check if Liza would not get sick after a few days; and then we could get another bird.

I motioned for her to help clean the cage and prepare Louie for burial. She got busy -- cleaning the cage, giving new water and feeds to her other bird, Liza.

And with great ceremony, we buried Louie. MC found the right spot, lovingly placed stones and placed her drawing for her Louie that stated: M + L = Love.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A very good advantage

IC is sick. She wants mama. So I stayed with her.

A very good advantage of being a stay-at-home-mom is that you own your time. You dont have to worry about disrupting office schedules or cancelling appointments or asking permissions to take a leave of absence.

A very good advantage that my husband is now his own boss is that you dont have to worry about disrupting office schedules or cancelling appointments or asking persmissions to take a leave of absence.

Because as we told everybody, the family and kids first before any other things. After all, we are working for our family's future, for the kids future.

It is acknowledged that when the kids have an appointment, we are there. It is accepted that if there are school activities, we are there. It is known that when the kids needed us, we are there. Indeed, we have very good advantages being a SAHM and my husband, being his own boss. We own our time.

But of course, I also admire the parents who could juggle between jobs and the family. It is not easy but they cope.

I am thinking of slowly getting back into the working world. I need to talk to the girls. I need to talk to them about a very good advantage when mama starts working again. Let me tick down the list... will inform you later!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What if it happened to you?

The full story is here.

The summary is: there were two families, both with special kids, on the same flight. They were asked to get off the plane because allegedly as told 'by other passengers that according to the plane's crew, it was against the airline's policy to have 2 "mentally-ill" passengers in the same flight.'

According to the airlines, 'It said the incident was "a result of the cabin crew's misinterpretation of government regulations designed to assure the safety of passengers." Then the airline crews might be badly in need to attend seminars to know more about the regulations; and be more informed about those special child 'conditions.'

One child is autistic and one child have a condition called 'Global Developmental Delay.' According to the news: the moms felt like they were criminals during the whole accident. The moms felt their kids were incorrectly branded as 'mentally retarded.'

What if it happened to you?

I cant blame them, reading about what happened gave me bad feelings, too. Plus, it is also another traumatic experience for those special kids whom their families tried to protect; only to be confronted with such insensitive people.

Being a mom is not easy, and being a mom to a special kid is being a special mom, too.

I salute the two moms who are now fighting for their rights. I salute them for standing for people who are make special kids suffer because of their ignorance. And I salute them specially for emphasizing that special kids are kids, too.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome Pets!

Finally, the much awaited part of 2010 for our girls – having pets!

They saw a cat on the street, they said they wanted a cat. But, they are afraid of the claws and don’t like them at all when they creep and when they meow like crazy.

Then our neighbor’s dog got puppies. When it was pregnant, they wanted to adopt. But when the mommy dog got too protective of her puppies and always bared her fangs to the girls; they felt threatened.

The village security guard’s got a gold fish on his table. The girls wanted our kois back; but of course, we cant bring them in Manila.

Of course, they have been begging for a horse but let’s talk more about that later :D

Then one day last December, in a market on the mountains, they saw the birds. Immediately, they know they wanted birds.

We promised they would get their birds next year; but only if, they would personally take care of them. They would be the one to feed them, clean their cage, entertain them, whatever care they would need. Both girls agreed.

So yesterday morning, they got their birds.

MC fell in love with the small birds and chose a pair of zebrafinch; white and gray. She named them Liza and Louie, they got a pink cage.

IC wanted a talking bird. It took a long time for her to choose, but she got Sara, and she cant wait to hear her talking a few months for now. IC extracted from all of us a promise not to speak bad words when we are in front of her bird. Sara is supposed to learn only good words, according to IC. Well, Sara’s got a pink cage, too.

We taught the girls how and when to feed them, what to feed them, how and when to clean them, how to take care of them. They were eager to do everything. In fact, they woke up very early this morning because as they said, they heard their birds singing for breakfast.

To continue their enthusiasm, I told them:
- They could read for their birds
- They could talk to them
- They could show off them their toys, only don’t shove it inside the cages
- They could try to sketch their birds every once in a while
- They could cut pieces of veggies and fruits for them, once a week

When I went down to check on their birds this morning, I saw opened books in front of the cages while the girls were busy changing the water container.

I hope this would keep!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I want what she's got!

IC saw her playmate with a pink, fluffy toy.

Pink, being her absolutely favorite color; and fluffy being her absolutely favorite thing to cuddle with -- she, of course, wanted to get the very same thing.

I saw IC with her sister and her playmate marching in her room. A few minutes after that, IC came running out of her room with tears in her eyes.

MC and their playmate came rushing out after her. It turned out that IC offered almost everything to their playmate in exchange for the pink, fluffly toy. But the playmate refused everything. And IC's sad and offended.

MC, trying to console her little sister, took IC to the side and told her: 'you know what, our playmate dont have a lot of money to buy toys. She got the pink toy just yesterday. She wants to enjoy it first. You could borrow some of my toys if you want.'

IC nodded solemnly. Both of them took their playmate's hands to run off to their rooms. I heard giggles afterwards. She got what she wanted, too :D