Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why is Monday called Monday?

Late Sunday night, I was in bed with 8-year-old MC, just talking about our day and planning our week.

When she asked, 'How come Monday is called Monday? Since when did you start calling Monday a Monday? And who told you to call Monday a Monday? And what about the other days of the week?'

I was torn between making up an answer and trying to tell her what I know; if I make up an answer, I dont really know how fast I could do it. If I tell her what I know, it would be finished faster because I dont know where to start :D

The truth will set you free and I realized this is also a chance for her to be interested in reading and knowing about history.

I told her, 'you know what, Monday is called Monday for a very long time already; the same thing with the other days of the week. If you are really interested to know the reason why, let us get a history book and look this up.'

She nodded in agreement. So tomorrow, we have a date in the school library. We would try to find a book that would let us know more about why Monday is Monday. Wish us luck!

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Vlado&Toni said...

so good.. that's what i would tell my children at work normally.. and if we don't find any books .. there's the internet anyway :)