Saturday, January 23, 2010

I dont need you, mama

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed on morning, IC was kicking and screaming.

Trying to calm her, I offered her my help. To which she shouted, 'I dont need your help anymore, mama. I could do everything myself. I dont need you.'

What could I do? I let her be.

She rushed alone to the shower (usually I would need to stay with her). Chose her dress for the day (which she would usually charm me to do); combed her hair (a part of our morning ritual); prepared her school bag (she would ask me to do this most of the time); and in the end, she refused to eat her breakfast until her favorite 'baby teddy bear' is found.

I told her I could help her because I know where the teddy bear is. She refused to meet my eyes, but took my hand. I led her to her teddy.

When its time to go, she wanted her violet flip-flops but cant find them. I took her hand and showed her where the flip-flops are.

In the car, she wanted to be beautiful and cannot do a perfect pony tail alone. She quietly gave me the hair bands and I did a beautiful pony tail.

I helped her close the car door properly, jump from the car upon arriving in the school, protected her from the running big boys and girls on the school corridor, etc. etc.

Before I left her in front of her classroom she took my hand and gave me a hug saying, 'Mama, I still need your help.'

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