Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome Pets!

Finally, the much awaited part of 2010 for our girls – having pets!

They saw a cat on the street, they said they wanted a cat. But, they are afraid of the claws and don’t like them at all when they creep and when they meow like crazy.

Then our neighbor’s dog got puppies. When it was pregnant, they wanted to adopt. But when the mommy dog got too protective of her puppies and always bared her fangs to the girls; they felt threatened.

The village security guard’s got a gold fish on his table. The girls wanted our kois back; but of course, we cant bring them in Manila.

Of course, they have been begging for a horse but let’s talk more about that later :D

Then one day last December, in a market on the mountains, they saw the birds. Immediately, they know they wanted birds.

We promised they would get their birds next year; but only if, they would personally take care of them. They would be the one to feed them, clean their cage, entertain them, whatever care they would need. Both girls agreed.

So yesterday morning, they got their birds.

MC fell in love with the small birds and chose a pair of zebrafinch; white and gray. She named them Liza and Louie, they got a pink cage.

IC wanted a talking bird. It took a long time for her to choose, but she got Sara, and she cant wait to hear her talking a few months for now. IC extracted from all of us a promise not to speak bad words when we are in front of her bird. Sara is supposed to learn only good words, according to IC. Well, Sara’s got a pink cage, too.

We taught the girls how and when to feed them, what to feed them, how and when to clean them, how to take care of them. They were eager to do everything. In fact, they woke up very early this morning because as they said, they heard their birds singing for breakfast.

To continue their enthusiasm, I told them:
- They could read for their birds
- They could talk to them
- They could show off them their toys, only don’t shove it inside the cages
- They could try to sketch their birds every once in a while
- They could cut pieces of veggies and fruits for them, once a week

When I went down to check on their birds this morning, I saw opened books in front of the cages while the girls were busy changing the water container.

I hope this would keep!

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