Thursday, January 28, 2010

I want to marry a security guard

We stopped in a bank after school because I have a business to attend to.

A few minutes later, an armoured vehicle parked right beside our car; out came the escorts, burly men with big guns.

It seemed IC got so impressed with them that she told me right away, 'Mama, when I get married, do I get to choose to whom?'

I said yes and she immediately added, 'then I want to marry a security guard. Because I know they could protect me always especially with their muscles and big guns.'

I gave her a hug and though I know it would still be years when this talk should be taken seriously, I told her, in the hope of giving a good seed ---

'Then I guess you needed a bodyguard instead. Why not look for a doctor? (that's the first thing that came to my mind and because I know I already know how to justify my choice) If you marry a doctor, he could always help you out when you are sick.'

'Oh yeah, that's also a good idea. Okay, I will marry a doctor,' and she looked out and saw again the guards. 'But is it possible to marry two men at once? A security guard and a doctor would be both good.'

I told her she could only marry one man; and that she's got enough time to really think about what she really wanted -- marrying a security guard or a doctor. And when she's decided and happy with her choice, I would be glad to help her plan her wedding :D

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