Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mama, we need to save water

Ofter fetching the kids from school, IC suddenly stopped complaining about the sun blinding her on her seat in the car and blurted out.

'Mama, we need to save water. If we use too much water now, it might leave the earth empty of water when we are older,' she emphasized.

We all nodded in agrement with her and asked her to continue talking.

She further explained that this morning in pre-school workshop, they were talking about the importance of water in our body and the world. Water is needed by the water to keep it healthy. Water is needed by the world to keep all healthy. And most of all, water is needed so that everybody would be clean.

She added, 'we cannot go to the beach if there is no more water.'

Then it rained. I heard her and her sister getting ready to shower in the rain to save water. And while they were doing that, I told them to fill the water drum with rain water as a reserve.

I dont have to tell them that water, rainwater, adds fun to play, too. :D

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