Monday, April 27, 2009

Aha Moment

I was so busy and was so dirty and was on my knee in the kitchen when my husband told me that the frozen grocery delivery man was on the door.

For the first time, I told him to tell the delivery man that I am not at home. He did and the other man drove off.

And when the delivery man was gone, both girls ran into the kitchen telling me that they were amazed of Papa's success in asking the man to drive away without any question saying, 'Mama, that was really something. We didnt think it would really work.'

Opppssss. That was also something for me.

I didnt realize that the girls heard what I told their father. I didnt realize that the girls went with their father to the door. I didnt realized how the girls closely observed what happened. I didnt realize the consequence of my 'white lie.'

I had to explain. I told them that pretending like that is not really appropriate. But I am busy in the kitchen. And I am dirty. And I cannot talk to someone looking and smelling like I did.

To compensate to the delivery man and show the girls that I am sorry for my bad example, I called their main office and asked them to come back the next day as I missed today's visit.

The girls' nodded their head in agreement for my good deed :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Preparing Kids for Shots

After that saga of screams and tears when the kids got their shots a few days ago, they were agreeable enough to talk about what happened and what could be done to avoid such scenario.

MC was frank enough to inform us that she simply cannot control her screams when she saw the nurse preparing the injection. She said she tried her best to stay tough as she wanted IC not to be afraid. We applauded her for trying and we told her she did great.

As for IC, it took a while for her to talk. In the end, she said she cried because the nurses and the doctor were 'not nice.'

After hearing these things, I asked them what could be done to try to prevent those cries and screams. MC had her thoughts and IC just nodded. Here's what we came up with:

1. Before going to the doctor, choose the toy they wanted as a reward for the shots (ouch, this is turning out to be an expensive practice, heheheh)
2. Try to practice yoga, or as MC said 'say a silent ommm' when the nurses are preparing the shots. I guess she did learn from yoga in kindergarten.
3. Say a short prayer
4. Hold mama or papa's hand tight
5. Have a stuff toy or a doll to cuddle with
6. Sing softly

A simple list, I hope it would work :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shots and Screams

The girls got their shots yesterday.

Well, they knew a few days before that they are scheduled for a doctor's visit to get their shots. They were calm about it. Until the night before.

MC cried herself to sleep. She said she is afraid that it would hurt.

IC was cool. She simply said she wont join us.

And the day came. I didnt know that their Papa promised that they are allowed to choose something from the toy store beside the clinic. So...

IC was first. She refused to be measured and weigh. She adamantly said 'no' and even started screaming and hitting us. We tried everything, even begging and blatantly dangling the shopping spree. No deal. We stopped before it turned ugly.

MC's turn. She's tough but in the middle of the preparation for the shot, she simply had to give in the urge to scream. Mind you, she stayed and waited for the shot but she had to scream while its being done. After the shot, she was calm again. She explained she simply needed to scream or else she would turn red all over if she would control her screams.

After hearing her sister screaming, there is no chance of IC agreeing for her shot. But she knows she wont get to shop. So the Papa led MC to the toy store and I led IC to the car to wait. Of course she started screaming and crying and hitting. IC's first tantrum. Her anger increased when she saw her sister with a toy in the hand.

We asked her if she wants to have her shot and her toy. She said yes. To give her an inspiration, we let her choose her toy first in the premise that it would only be bought after her shot.

MC and I waited in the parking area. And then we heard a very loud scream. We both looked and each other and noted that IC's got her shot.

IC emerged triumphant with her shot, her chosen toy and tears in her eyes. I dont have to ask if those were tears of joy or of anger, maybe both:)

That was the most expensive doctor's visit ever :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy 88th Birthday, Opa!

How do you make an 88th birthday special?

By calling the celebrant early.

We got the opa on the phone around 8 am while he was finishing his breakfast. He was in a good mood when we passed the phone to greet him.

By letting him know that you are coming for a short visit.

We all got dressed up and hopped in the car bearing gifts for him a few hours after calling him. He was beaming when he welcomed us.

By picking him up for the scheduled birthday dinner.

He doesnt need to drive alone and he could drink his favorite wine to his heart's content.

By bringing him to his front door and singing a happy birthday while on his way inside.

I dont know if he heard the girls singing but at least we saw him safely home.

Happy 88th birthday, dear Opa!

Friday, April 17, 2009

What is Important to You?

That was a question that my seven-year-old MC asked her friend during a morning walk to school.

Her friend's answer was 'money is the most important thing in the world.' Explaining that with money, she could buy anthing she wanted.

To which MC countered, ' I think friendship is the most important thing in the world.'

When she told me this story, MC told me her reason why she chose friendship: 'When you have no friends to play with, then it is a lonely and very boring day.'

I dont know where she gets her inspiration but I am glad she knows what is important.

Monday, April 6, 2009

White Sand Reaction

IC and I went to Bohol for a few days with my parents to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

Bohol is known for it's beautiful beaches, the famous tarsier and the world renowned Chocolate Hills.

IC wanted to explore and so we wandered along the white sand beach in front of the Bohol Beach Club. What for me a normal sight was a wonder to her. There were no people around and we were the only ones along the beach. Her first words upon seeing the white sand beach?

"Mama, is the sand really white?," she asked in wonder. And she added, "Are we allowed to walk on the beach?"

Apparently, she found the beach so clean, she was afraid to disturb it. Thus when I nodded yes, she very carefully removed her beach shoes and savored the feel of the sand on her barefeet.

Of course, it was not a surprise for me when she doesnt want to leave Bohol :D

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nail Concerns

Who would cut my fingernails and toenails when you are not here for a long time, mama?

That was the main concern of MC when I told her that IC and I would have to fly to the Philippines and she must stay with Papa until they follow us during the Easter break.

That is a logical and a very practical concern. I regularly cut their nails once a week. And missing that ritual for three weeks is already a disaster for her.

Thus, before leaving, I made sure that her nails are done. I asked my husband not to forget that he needs to cut her nails every Sunday plus I told MC about it, too. But she protested vehemently saying that her Papa doesnt know how to use the nail clippers and she knows he could only use the nail scissors.

What did we do? We asked papa to practice using the nail clippers first. And of course, my nails were the victims. I tried very hard not to cringe and I guess it was a success :)

But why is it that the first week MC was telling me over the phone that she needs to take care of her nails? Now I wait with a bit of trepidation how MC got through her nail concerns during those weeks without mama's nail cutter rituals.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paboritong Basahin = Favorite Reads

Paboritong Litrato

Isang paboritong litrato ko ay ang pagkukunwari ng mga anak ko ;) Kunyari e marunong na sila magbasa. Seryus na seryus kamo. Pansinin kung anong libro ang hawak nila. Paborito nilang libro talaga ang mga yan. Paulit ulit. Saulo na nga nila kaya kunyari marunong na silang magbasa talaga.

I love this photo of the kids. As if they really know how to read those Tagalog books; but since those books are their favorities, they could tell the stories by memory.