Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy 88th Birthday, Opa!

How do you make an 88th birthday special?

By calling the celebrant early.

We got the opa on the phone around 8 am while he was finishing his breakfast. He was in a good mood when we passed the phone to greet him.

By letting him know that you are coming for a short visit.

We all got dressed up and hopped in the car bearing gifts for him a few hours after calling him. He was beaming when he welcomed us.

By picking him up for the scheduled birthday dinner.

He doesnt need to drive alone and he could drink his favorite wine to his heart's content.

By bringing him to his front door and singing a happy birthday while on his way inside.

I dont know if he heard the girls singing but at least we saw him safely home.

Happy 88th birthday, dear Opa!

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