Friday, April 3, 2009

Nail Concerns

Who would cut my fingernails and toenails when you are not here for a long time, mama?

That was the main concern of MC when I told her that IC and I would have to fly to the Philippines and she must stay with Papa until they follow us during the Easter break.

That is a logical and a very practical concern. I regularly cut their nails once a week. And missing that ritual for three weeks is already a disaster for her.

Thus, before leaving, I made sure that her nails are done. I asked my husband not to forget that he needs to cut her nails every Sunday plus I told MC about it, too. But she protested vehemently saying that her Papa doesnt know how to use the nail clippers and she knows he could only use the nail scissors.

What did we do? We asked papa to practice using the nail clippers first. And of course, my nails were the victims. I tried very hard not to cringe and I guess it was a success :)

But why is it that the first week MC was telling me over the phone that she needs to take care of her nails? Now I wait with a bit of trepidation how MC got through her nail concerns during those weeks without mama's nail cutter rituals.

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