Wednesday, August 29, 2018

An Overnight Stay at Camping la Route Bleue, Balbigny, France

It was just a chance encounter, I should say. But it was a nice one, because Camping la Route Bleue in Balbigny, France was a great surprise for us.

How did we end up here? Because we used a popular German camping guide book that I bought for a much, much lower rate from a neighborhood travel agency. You know, just in case the navigator suddenly acts up while we are travelling with a caravan in France.

What attracted us to Camping la Route Bleue? Since we are supposed to drive more than 900 kilometers away to our next destination from Port Grimaud, France; we chose a place where we could comfortably rest for the day and still have fun camping. And the most important requirement? They should accept dogs. The second? It should be near the Autobahn (Autoroute).

Yup, we found it at Camping la Route Bleue.

Here are some photos to show you why we got lucky.

They have a swimming pool!
As I said, we wanted to rest after a long drive, but we also wanted to have fun. Thus, the swimming pool is a great way to stretch out and yes, get out of the heat! Remember, there's a heatwave in Europe at this time.

The reception area.
The reception desk is friendly and yup, English is spoken. Everything's processed after a few minutes, and we are allowed to choose our camping pitch. No numbered pitches here.

The entrance to Camping la Route Bleue
You would get a code so you could drive your vehicle through, but after 10 a.m., you need to leave your vehicle outside because the code won't function anymore. They value silence here, which is good.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Danke, Nivea! (Thanks, Nivea)

We've been a fan of Nivea for a long, long time. And nope, this is not a paid advertisement :-)

Got our free Nivea bath towels
And I guess, it is times like this that solifies the reason why. Aside from their skin products that are really to be recommended, they have these special offers that makes us all smile.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dog Treats: Bacon Bits with Parsley and Carrots

Rikki and her freshly-baked dog treat!
I started working for a small hotel, doing breakfast thingy. Instead of throwing the rest of the bacon (I try to avoid throwing food as much as possible), I've decided to bring them home and create something delicious for Rikki. Thus, the Bacon Bits with Parsley and Carrots Dog Treats.

Bacon Bits with Parsley and Carrots Dog Treats

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Simply Amazing: Justin Timberlake's Concert in Mannheim

Justin Timberlake in SAP Arena, Mannheim
This is a last minute concert ticket checking and buying that MC and I would never regret.

It was an impulse to simpy check the scheduled concerts around us two weeks ago and then we saw that Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods World Tour added another venue, the SAP Arena in Mannheim. Why not? I told MC, who paid for both of our tickets (she started working part-time early this year), to just go for the cheapest seats. After all, we have been to the the concert venue a few times for various events and we know how it would look like.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

TSG Hoffenheim 3:1 Hannover 96

And so our dream came true this Friday!

After checking the website to check all the important things (what not to bring 'no water, no food, no pets, no backpacks/big bags'), where our seats are located (there's a very helpful button on the website where you could see the virtual view from your seat number), and the best way to travel there (shuttle bus almost every 15 minutes)... IC and I, decided to leave early and it was the best decision ever!

There were no chaos at the shuttle bus station, only the excitement of the fans. Reaching the stadium, IC and I decided to just follow the masses. The stadium opened two hours before the game and it all happened in a very orderly manner (unlike the chaos during the three Justin Bieber concerts I've attended with MC!).

IC and I, finally, at a live soccer game!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

We've Got Tickets for TSG Hoffenheim vs Hannover 96 Game!

Dream come true!

IC and I are going to be watching a soccer game live tomorrow! I know, I know... but you see, I have been waiting for a long, long time for the chance to watch a Bundesliga game live. What I didn't know is that IC is also enthusiastic about a live game!

So this afternoon, my husband asked me if I wanted to watch a game because somebody's giving him tickets. Of course I said yes! IC and I are now very excited. What should we wear, eherm!!!

Actually, our first thought was: where would be end up seating? And how would be find our seats? And finally, how would be get there? It's more practical to just take the shuttle bus from the main bus terminal to the stadium, and that's what wer're going to do.

As for what we're allowed to bring, I am not really sure. I've been with MC to three major Justin Bieber concerts in Germany and Switzerland, and everytime, there are different rules on what to bring and what not to bring. Especially after what happened with the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. I guess after this post, I need to check the stadium rules.

Anyway, TSG Hoffenheim vs Hannover 96 game, here we come!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday is Barbecue Day with a Fresh Fruit Joghurt Dessert

Chillin' while grillin'

A fine Saturday! My husband needed two days to get the front yard and the backyard ready, but he did it (with a little help from us, of course! If answering his yells of  'I need something to drink' or 'Can you please get the thingymajig' etc...) Now, we celebrate with a barbecue party!

Our menu for today? Pretzel, Lamb's Lettuce Salad, Chopped Tomatoes and Mangoes Salad, Rice, Steak, and Spare Ribs! Yummy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mashed Potatoes with Broccoli

I can't believe it took me three years to start blogging again! Story later, but promise, no need to wait three years :-)

I'm not even sure if my links are still working, not even sure if I'd have problems with my links. I got a notice from GoogleDeutschland...bla...bla... I will check those bla..bla.. later. But I promise (second promise), because of GoogleD's is strictness, I am gonna be sticking only to my Homeworked from now on.

So, while waiting for the family to come back home from MC's cheerleading training tonight, I decided to visit my blog and share my dinner experiment: Mashed Potatoes with Broccoli.

Mashed Potatoes with Broccoli combined with Lamb's Lettuce Salad, Fried Porkloin and Falafel.