Friday, July 27, 2018

Danke, Nivea! (Thanks, Nivea)

We've been a fan of Nivea for a long, long time. And nope, this is not a paid advertisement :-)

Got our free Nivea bath towels
And I guess, it is times like this that solifies the reason why. Aside from their skin products that are really to be recommended, they have these special offers that makes us all smile.

The Nivea bath towel is around 140 x 70 cm. Big enough for the beach!
Yup, just this afternoon, we received our free bath towel. I guess the postman was afraid of our dog who was sleeping right in front of our front door, so he/she didn't ring the bell. It was a pleasant surprise to see the package when I opened the door. Right on time, too, for our beach holiday!

What's our favorite Nivea products? Their Nivea Sun Protection Cream, Nivea After-Sun Cream, Nivea Body Botion and the one most used with two girls in the house: Nivea Soft. Lately, we also discovered Nivea Care Sensitive!

I used this envelope to send my entry.
Anyway, you still have time to get your very own bath towel or even a bath cape for kids. Just buy 9 Euro worth of Nivea products in participating stores (this is for Germany only, I am not sure about other countries), send a copy of the receipt per post or through e-mail, let them know if you want the bath towel or the kiddie towel cape, and you wait for your Nivea towel. You would normally see the above envelopes in participating stores.

You can join until the 4th of August. And you need to send your mail or e-mail until the 12th of August to be able to participate. I would have sent more receipts but I wanted to give the others the chance to get their own towels :-)

Have fun!

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