Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Band Aid for Jesus

(Photo: Almost on top of the world!)

One night in February 2007, in Kleinwalsertal, Austria -

Michaela asked her Papa, 'Why don't people give Jesus a band aid for his wounds?'

My husband can't give her an answer so he simply said,' You better ask Anselm's Mama (who is a woman pastor) when we go home.' Anselm is one of her classmates in kindergarten.

When I learned about the question in the morning, I tried to give her a simple answer. That maybe Jesus doesnt want band aids in His wounds. Because His blood is the symbol of His love for all of mankind. And also because, His wounds shows that He is our Savior.

Maybe it is not so simple, my words. But she took it in and was silent. And I asked her what made her ask the question. She said 'Because I always see Jesus on the cross here all over.'

Oh yes. Austria is a very much Catholic country. And in almost every corner, in the woods, on top of the mountains or in the restaurants, you can see a crucifix.
I think she got overwhelmed and just had to ask.

Although when she was still a small kid, I was already amazed on how she examines Jesus on the cross everytime we visit our church. Sometimes I just think she's fascinated because she's a little bit afraid.

And then again, it is just maybe, that the question about the band aid just kept on circling her mind that she just had to ask about it. I hope I gave her a satisfying enough answer!