Friday, October 17, 2014

A Photo Review: Brekers Restaurant in Callantsoog, The Netherlands

We decided to go to the Bekers Restaurant for our 12th wedding anniversary dinner during our vacation in Callantsoog this summer break.
Bekers Restaurant is located in Helmweg 9, 1759 Callantsoog, The Netherlands.
What impressed us about the restaurant? Well, I admit, seeing the restaurant's name plastered in most holiday brochures and posters around town intrigued me already. And then it was pure chance that we passed the restaurant when we were looking for the nearest grocery store.

I was impressed by the place plus the fact that they have a big porch area where costumers could enjoy dining el aire libre. Then when we stopped to check the extensive menu card, the mouthwatering items sealed the deal.

Our first mouthwatering appetizer, those dips
 are great and the fresh bread, too!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Visiting Medemblik City, The Netherlands (in photos)

Entering the city of Medemblik, The Netherlands and being welcomed by an old windmill.

The Medemblik church

The train station

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Photo Review: Bakery Museum in Medemblik, The Netherlands

The Bakery Museum is located at Nieuwstraat 8 1671 BD Medemblik, The Netherlands.
You would find it in the middle of the city center and there's enough parking area around.
You enter the museum after paying the entrance fee and receiving free cookies,
(the free cookies intended for the kids but since they offered
them generously from a cookie basket, the adults get the chance to taste them, too!)
They accept credit cards.

Cake samples located right after the entrance.

Old waffle forms and baking equipments.