Friday, October 10, 2014

Visiting Medemblik City, The Netherlands (in photos)

Entering the city of Medemblik, The Netherlands and being welcomed by an old windmill.

The Medemblik church

The train station

Another photo of the train station

The boardwalk beside the train station

Train station and church in Medemblik, view from the boardwalk

Medemblik train station on the right, and the sea on the left

A great view during a cloudy day

City center

The main shopping area

Look at these beautiful buildings

A very narrow passageway

Medemblik city center

The main reason why we visited the place, The Bakery Museum.
Medemblik is a small city near the sea but scattered around are museums, old buildings and other interesting places. There are more than enough restaurant and cafes scattered around. And of course, shopping places which borders from discount stores to branded and exclusive boutiques.

There are also grocery and toy stores if you are looking for them, too. Not to mention, the souvernir shops. If you want to really know more about Medemblik, you could also join the group tour that goes around every hour for a minimum fee.

Most stores and restaurants allow dogs inside, too.

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