Friday, October 3, 2014

A Photo Review: Bakery Museum in Medemblik, The Netherlands

The Bakery Museum is located at Nieuwstraat 8 1671 BD Medemblik, The Netherlands.
You would find it in the middle of the city center and there's enough parking area around.
You enter the museum after paying the entrance fee and receiving free cookies,
(the free cookies intended for the kids but since they offered
them generously from a cookie basket, the adults get the chance to taste them, too!)
They accept credit cards.

Cake samples located right after the entrance.

Old waffle forms and baking equipments.

There's also a coffee shop inside the museum.
You would see the treats on the reception area with cookies, cakes, chocolates and candies.

Antiquities including religious items and fine china.

The kids are encouraged to join the creative table where
they received a piece of gingerbread cookie, icing and licorice to decorate them with.

There's also a big area dedicated to chocolate-making

They also had demonstration on-going when we were there.

Yup, a memory game, too! There's also a smell test table and
if you are a passionate baker, you might want to just try it.
I am a trying hard baker and I did try, and I had fun!

And do you think you could unravel the mystery of these bread knots?
I tried but there's no chance for me.

There's enough space for the cake decorating demonstation area, too.
There's even a movie house that features the history of the place
 (didn't stay inside because they were using it in a
 language that I could not understand though).

Cookie decor done!

Almost done...

More time to check out the chocolate-making demo.

Mini chef uniforms for the kids are available, too.

Of course, there's the baker near the entrance, too.

Aside from enjoying visiting the museum for more than an hour, we also had fun checking out the treats available in the gift  cum bakery shop located along the reception area. My girls each chose a few grams of assorted chocolate pralines and bags of cookies. I would have loved to taste the cakes but there was already a crowd in the small shop, maybe next time. Indeed, there would be a next time, because the girls really had fun (not to mention the adults!)

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