Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hiking in Mullerthal Trail (Luxembourg)

It was supposed to be a short walk, just to walk the dog.

But we ended up talking with our camping neighbor who informed us that a few minutes hike behind the camping area woud lead us to a trail that is as fascinating as the Grand Canyons in the USA. Well, we have to visit, despite hearing grumblings IC :-)

Staying already at EuroCamping Nommerlayern, this is a chance that we would take!

Enjoying a last minute ride before the great hike

Rikki urging the girls to move

The Mullerthal Trail

Curious girls

Could we squeeze our bodies between these stones?

It feels like we are all alone

Let's follow those stone steps

Slowly but surely

Just have to stop and enjoy

More steps, let's go!

Getting more curious and excited

Nobody behind us

Under those...

Still alone


Be careful

MC decided to use the more challenging trail 

We are up there!

She's almost there!



And again

The trail up there is a lot challenging so we decided to go back

But going the narrow trail

Yup, the narrow trail

Come on, Rikki, move!

Still all alone!

IC wants to go back

MC wants to explore

I am not moving here!

The view!

Now IC is really trying her best...
Look how she walks, she just want to go home :-D

But MC is already way, way ahead of us... I can't see her anymore!

Yup, she's somewhere out there.

Wish I could join here, too.

Finally, MC's back and IC's happy we are on our way home.

Hey, MC wants to check out this side of the mountain...

Yep, she's up, up and away :-D
It was an exciting short hike (short meaning more than an hour). We followed the easy trail though. The Mullerthal Trail consists of easy, average and challenging trails. There are also mountainbike trails with short uphills and some technical passages. More information here.

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