Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Photo Review: EuropaCamping Nommerlayern in Luxembourg

Before the girls' summer vacation ended, we decided to go for a last minute camping in Luxembourg. As usual our priority: dogs allowed, with swimming pool, with restaurant and grocery store, and near the woods.

We found EuropaCamping Nommerlayern after a few days of browsing the internet (we almost ended up in a nude campsite in Luxembourg!)

Here's my photo review:

Entering the border between Germany and Luxembourg

Our first glimpse of the city of Nommern, Luxembourg
Entering EuropaCamping Nommerlayern

Parking area

The parking space outside is fitted with water and electricity
The huge playground in front of the restaurant
The restaurant and bar
Sanitary house with dog shower
The wash room (costs 5,25 Euro per wash, and 4,75 per dryer).
You have to bring your own laundry soap.
The open pool area (you might notice that the water is green,
at this time of the year, this area is already closed to the public)
The large playground in front of the restaurant.
Take note that dogs are not allowed inside the restaurant, mini grocery and snack bar.
A stage in front of the restaurant
Another playground located near the long slide
Enough playground tools for kids
The giant swing
Just like an adventure park
The giant slide which you could thoroughly enjoy
if you purchase a special 'seat' for 5 Euro at the reception area

The indoor/outdoor pool (unfortunately, the shower and the pool water is cold and
despite the notice board stating the pool water is heated;
 plus, it doesn't seem that the pool water is being kept
clean nor chlorinated during our stay there). Take Note: Sport and Bermuda shorts are not allowed.
And there are no food and drinks allowed, too, for safety reasons.
Sanitary area under renovation.
There are private sanitary areas available for rent, too.

Look at that giant slide
Reception area where you have to pay for a deposit for
your tap water key and you get a card to be able to use hot water.

Luxury shower yay!

Inside the Temple sanitary area, very clean and well-maintained.
I love that they have this notice!

The Temple sanitary area.
There is also wash room here, and they provide a working dishwasher that costs only a few Euros, too!

Emergency telephone service inside the sanitary area,
there's another emergency phone service in the restaurant's block

10- pin bowling and there are snooker and darts, too

Giant spaghetti plate (good but it was too much!)

Jägerschnitzel (good)

Potato pancake (okay), potato gratin (good), french fries (the usual)

I love the pitches here
The snack bar and the mini grocery store located at the back of the restaurant
Camping pitches

Quiet hours from 11 p.m. until 8 a.m.

Paved roads, matured trees and trimmed bushes
Into the woods
We enjoyed our stay at EuroCamping Nommerlayern despite the not so clean pool and the cold shower in the pool area. We specially loved the hiking grounds, Mullerthal Trail, which I would provide more info in my next post.

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