Sunday, September 21, 2014

Visiting the National Museum of Military History in Diekirch, Luxembourg

According to the website of Visit Luxembourg, the National Museum of Military History is  a "reconstruction of the Battle of the Bulge in 1944-45 around Diekirch with slide projections on 1:1 scale, which reflect the personal destiny of civilians and soldiers." It is also supported by supersized dioramas, photos and other war memorabilias.
National Museum of Military History in Diekirch, Luxembourg
We found the museum by accident during our day of shopping for souvenirs on a four-day camping trip in Eurocamping Nommerlayern early September. 
We pleasantly discovered that dogs are allowed inside the museum, we paid a surprisingly cheap entrance fee and explored the huge ground and building.

This tank is located in the museum ground, near the entrance

Dioramas located within the museum ground

Depicting the soldiers' daily rituals

Diorama located near the entrance

Museum entrance

Museum's courtyard, a piece of an original wall that
 was destroyed during the Battle of the Bulge

Tanks and ammunitions
The girls were encouraged to go inside because of the things that they saw in the museum's card.
Reception area where you could buy original war souvenirs like ammunitions,
stones and relics, odd and pieces of some soldiers' personal items, and other war and memorabilia items.
My girls decided to buy silver coins and a tank model.

The first photo that caught my attention

One of the first dioramas on the ground floor

An old bike used by messengers.
Yes, definitely, dogs are allowed, too.
There are a lot of things to see, and you really need time to explore to be able to enjoy the details.

There's also a dog in one of the dioramas depicting the daily rituals of soldiers 
Look, there's even a cat, too!



Soldiers' on duty

You would see the details

More uniforms

A German tanker uniform

Marlene Dietrich visited Diekirch during the Battle of the Bulge


Medical equipment and other items

More medic items

Interesting how well preserved the items are

Memorabilias depicting food, drinks and other basic items
You would see old canned goods, candies and snacks. You would see old brands and might be surprised to find some brands that survived.

Look at those Coke bottles

More uniforms
There is a big area alloted for different war vehicles. You might want to take it slowly here or you would miss a lot of interesting details.
Need I say more?


See the cartoon character?

Vehicles for battle


Radio equipment


More ammunition

Different vehicles

More vehicles, see a face somewhere?

First Aid kit

Medics in action

Gears for sea journey

Soldiers' tombs

Horses were involved, too.

Water tank

Purification unit

German amphibian vehicle, yes, they already have those.
Harley Davidson motorcycle

Along the stairways going down, you would find announcements and propaganda materials. You might want to check them out, take time to read them. I am glad to be able to read and understand the German materials, too.
A sample of a court martial announcement

More uniforms
There's also an area dedicated to dioramas during the colder part of the war, but I wasn't able to take photos because my SD card was already full. 
I think we were there for more than two hours. My girls did not complain of boredom, even the dog didn't whimper once. That's how interesting the museum was.
Try to visit if you can.

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