Monday, September 15, 2014

IC's in Middle School

IC's first day in middle school

Today is IC's first day in middle school.

She was excited. She was nervous. But she was ready!

She gratefully accepted her big sister's 'old' school bag for her own use. And as a tradition, at least in our family, she created her very own school cone (Schultüte). The school cone is given to first graders, since it's also her first year in the middle school, she's getting her own school cone. MC got her own a few years back, too.

MC was off to school on her bike a few hours earlier, IC drove with her Papa and I to school. You know, we simply had to accompany her, a special send-off. Though she did question ur presence (why does both of you need to come?); and she immediately found her friends, leaving us on the sideline, upon reaching the school grounds. Oh well, how time flies!

Back home, she received her school cone filled with mini surprises. And she enthusiastically told us about her day, her first day as a middle school girl.

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