Saturday, April 28, 2018

TSG Hoffenheim 3:1 Hannover 96

And so our dream came true this Friday!

After checking the website to check all the important things (what not to bring 'no water, no food, no pets, no backpacks/big bags'), where our seats are located (there's a very helpful button on the website where you could see the virtual view from your seat number), and the best way to travel there (shuttle bus almost every 15 minutes)... IC and I, decided to leave early and it was the best decision ever!

There were no chaos at the shuttle bus station, only the excitement of the fans. Reaching the stadium, IC and I decided to just follow the masses. The stadium opened two hours before the game and it all happened in a very orderly manner (unlike the chaos during the three Justin Bieber concerts I've attended with MC!).

IC and I, finally, at a live soccer game!

Got there early, taking the shuttle bus, to avoid the traffic.

Best seats!
Opening ceremony. Exciting!
Game! Excitement ante up a notch...
Pathetic snacks during half-time :-(
Game Over. Our team won!
What can we say? IC and I are hooked!

As she said afterwards, 'Mama, I guess it would be boring to watch the next games on TV, right?'. I do agree. In fact, we scored official fan jerseys (which are on sale); just in case we received another tickets (paging that nice someone who gave us the tickets, thank you and we hope there's a repeat!).

The only thing that disappointed us would be the snacks, but hey, when we again followed the mass exodus out of the stadium; we ended up in the train station area and there were enough fast food and currywurst stands to choose from. The only choice is to wait after the game :-)

I am looking forward to watching the country game between Germany and Peru this September in the stadium! Tickets would be sold end of May, gotta watch out for this!

(P.S. I am someone who cannot keep up with the excitement of a game, and tend to escape and hide when the game is heating up. And of course, that is something that can't be done when you are in front of the game. So, I guess that's the reason why I really enjoyed the game this time. Because I watched it the whole time!)

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