Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shots and Screams

The girls got their shots yesterday.

Well, they knew a few days before that they are scheduled for a doctor's visit to get their shots. They were calm about it. Until the night before.

MC cried herself to sleep. She said she is afraid that it would hurt.

IC was cool. She simply said she wont join us.

And the day came. I didnt know that their Papa promised that they are allowed to choose something from the toy store beside the clinic. So...

IC was first. She refused to be measured and weigh. She adamantly said 'no' and even started screaming and hitting us. We tried everything, even begging and blatantly dangling the shopping spree. No deal. We stopped before it turned ugly.

MC's turn. She's tough but in the middle of the preparation for the shot, she simply had to give in the urge to scream. Mind you, she stayed and waited for the shot but she had to scream while its being done. After the shot, she was calm again. She explained she simply needed to scream or else she would turn red all over if she would control her screams.

After hearing her sister screaming, there is no chance of IC agreeing for her shot. But she knows she wont get to shop. So the Papa led MC to the toy store and I led IC to the car to wait. Of course she started screaming and crying and hitting. IC's first tantrum. Her anger increased when she saw her sister with a toy in the hand.

We asked her if she wants to have her shot and her toy. She said yes. To give her an inspiration, we let her choose her toy first in the premise that it would only be bought after her shot.

MC and I waited in the parking area. And then we heard a very loud scream. We both looked and each other and noted that IC's got her shot.

IC emerged triumphant with her shot, her chosen toy and tears in her eyes. I dont have to ask if those were tears of joy or of anger, maybe both:)

That was the most expensive doctor's visit ever :D


Pinay MegaMom said...

I tried giving my kids their shots once, and it was an occupational hazard, hehe...
Fortunately, those moments are easily forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Thomas has been good with his shots but it's because he's too young to know what's going on and too young to remember after.

Soon I'll have to deal with my son's hysterics too. Not fun.

Thanks for the advice on how to deal:)

haze said...

Yay, I do understand them because at my age, mind you I am still afraid! I know after 2 accouchement, I am still afraid !! Poor kids, but I am sure they're are braver than me ;) !

momblogger said...

I used to cry whenever they were babies and got their shots. silly me.