Saturday, April 25, 2009

Preparing Kids for Shots

After that saga of screams and tears when the kids got their shots a few days ago, they were agreeable enough to talk about what happened and what could be done to avoid such scenario.

MC was frank enough to inform us that she simply cannot control her screams when she saw the nurse preparing the injection. She said she tried her best to stay tough as she wanted IC not to be afraid. We applauded her for trying and we told her she did great.

As for IC, it took a while for her to talk. In the end, she said she cried because the nurses and the doctor were 'not nice.'

After hearing these things, I asked them what could be done to try to prevent those cries and screams. MC had her thoughts and IC just nodded. Here's what we came up with:

1. Before going to the doctor, choose the toy they wanted as a reward for the shots (ouch, this is turning out to be an expensive practice, heheheh)
2. Try to practice yoga, or as MC said 'say a silent ommm' when the nurses are preparing the shots. I guess she did learn from yoga in kindergarten.
3. Say a short prayer
4. Hold mama or papa's hand tight
5. Have a stuff toy or a doll to cuddle with
6. Sing softly

A simple list, I hope it would work :)


Analyse said...

don't you have the patch which acts as anesthesia there?

raqgold said...

i havent heard of that. next time i'll ask about that.