Monday, January 18, 2010

M + L = Love

Remember that we just decided that the kids could have pets just a week ago?

Well, the kids did everything right.

During school time, they dont complain whey they have to wake up a little earlier. Because they must clean the cage and feed their birds. And they did those things three times a day!

Although IC is a little afraid of her bird's beak; she works without any complaint. Even if cleaning the bird's cage would sometimes make her almost throw up because of the smell. Of course, sometimes she would ask for help especially when she's 'too tired' :D

And MC? Well, she diligently cleans and scrubs the cage. Changes the water and feeds her birds. No complaints. No asking for any help. No questions asked. In fact, she would often adopt IC's bird when the cage is too dirty and IC wont move. She's learning to be responsible through the pets.

When it happened. Last Saturday, MC woke up early to jog with her papa. Upon returning home, I heard her crying. I thought she hurt herself; and I realized, she is really hurting. Why?

One of her birds is not moving anymore. That was Louie, the male bird.

She was crying. We consoled her by telling her that Louie already made her happy and now Louie needs to make others happy in another life. That made her stop crying a little.

We asked her if she wanted another bird. She said not now. She wants to check if Liza would not get sick after a few days; and then we could get another bird.

I motioned for her to help clean the cage and prepare Louie for burial. She got busy -- cleaning the cage, giving new water and feeds to her other bird, Liza.

And with great ceremony, we buried Louie. MC found the right spot, lovingly placed stones and placed her drawing for her Louie that stated: M + L = Love.

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