Thursday, January 7, 2010

I want what she's got!

IC saw her playmate with a pink, fluffy toy.

Pink, being her absolutely favorite color; and fluffy being her absolutely favorite thing to cuddle with -- she, of course, wanted to get the very same thing.

I saw IC with her sister and her playmate marching in her room. A few minutes after that, IC came running out of her room with tears in her eyes.

MC and their playmate came rushing out after her. It turned out that IC offered almost everything to their playmate in exchange for the pink, fluffly toy. But the playmate refused everything. And IC's sad and offended.

MC, trying to console her little sister, took IC to the side and told her: 'you know what, our playmate dont have a lot of money to buy toys. She got the pink toy just yesterday. She wants to enjoy it first. You could borrow some of my toys if you want.'

IC nodded solemnly. Both of them took their playmate's hands to run off to their rooms. I heard giggles afterwards. She got what she wanted, too :D

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