Thursday, December 31, 2009

To the beach this new year!

We are realizing a dream.

We are finally celebrating New Year's Eve on the beach!

We packed our sun cream, our sunglasses, our bathing suits, our favorite beach toys and games, our tent; but we are also brought with us our evening dresses, our perfumes, our beauty accessories, our nice pairs of shoes.

We hope to keep our tradition of at least the 12 fruits; but I think we would depend on the buffet table on that. We cannot keep the other German traditions , but as been our theme for this year, we are starting with new traditions, too.

The kids have started buying 'noisemakers' as early as the first week of December and they have been watching fireworks in almost all places where there are commercial areas; almost daily! In fact, they have almost used up our fireworks display a few days before new year's eve! What makes these fireworks display extra special is that we could watch them right in front of our bedrooms at home! Maybe that's why we've decided to go to the beach for other spectacular display :D

This is what I could tell you, the kids miss the pureness of the snow; but they revel on the warmth of the season here in Manila.

They couldnt believe they could be splashing water on the beach while waiting for the new year to come! They are indeed, enjoying realizing the dream. And I am sure this enjoyment polishes the good start of a new year to us, too!

Happy new year to all!

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Nanaybelen said...

Hi. Happy New Year!!!