Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Christmas Tree 2009

Our Christmas Tree

Our first time to celebrate the Christmas season in Manila.

As usual, the merry season started during the -ber months. What was unusual for the kids is that, this time, we didnt go to the Christmas tree vendors located outdoors to choose our freshly cut tree. We had to go inside the airconditioned departments stores to select our still-to-be-assembled tree!

They had fun choosing as they saw every available colors and textures: blue, red, white, brown and the different shades of green.

I didnt think they would be to traditional as to go for green, but they did. We agreed to use our old Christmas decors to remember our happy Christmas days in Germany; and to keep our tradition.

What made this year's Christmas tree memorable? Because we had to assemble the tree. Because it was a family time. Because it was a working together thing. Because it was something different. And the result made the kids glow in awe.

Of course, in keeping with the tradition, the girls placed the stars on top of the tree. With another surprise :D The metal star was too heavy.
We had fun trying to keep it on top but in the end, we simply stuck it in the middle (see first photo). We replaced it with a lighter version, the red star.

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