Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Girls' Reaction on Mama's Alarm

Well, I talked to my girls about what alarmed me in my blog post.

They were obviously curious why. I explained to them that it doesnt look good because they are growing up. And girls have other interests than playing with men, and vice versa.

I repeated to them the usual 'never talk to strangers, dont accept anything from strangers, and never go with strangers.'

MC nodded seriously when I touch on this matter but when I reminded her again, she insisted 'why dont you just tell all the men that we dont want to play with them?' I interpreted that as 'everything is clear, I know and I would follow.'

I took note because she would not want to be left alone with 'men' anymore. She would simply say, 'Mama told me not to stay with men alone, so I wont.' And she would move.

As for my very friendly IC, I observed her still playing with our driver alone (the day before I talked to my driver to avoid such situations). I caught her attention and she sheepishly told me she 'forgot.'

In fact, she accepted that she is too shy to tell the driver to leave her to play alone. I told her next time, just say that you wanted to be left alone to play.

But the most important and wonderful change was this, since I told them to take care of each other when faced with this situation -- there has been a long ceasefire. Their 'normal' fights that averages at least three times a day has been forgotten.

No more bickering and teasing. Because they tend to watch out for each other now. I hope it remains so.

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