Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alarm Bells!

Actually, I already have some uneasy moments about it.

And I did something about it, too. I already told the girls not to play too closely with grown up men.

But when it was voiced out by another mom, because of what she observed and experienced about such things -- I took it really seriously.

She told me, 'you know what, I noticed that your little girl is playing with your driver. She is being carried by your driver. She is being ticked by your driver. She is being touched by him when they play.'

'We know those things might be innocent, but if your little girl would get used to being touched by 'strangers'; some problem might come out. In fact, it might become a big issue in the future. I know because such things have happened; where the girls would grow up and wont realize that impropriate things have been done to them,' she emphasized.

More alarm bells! Especially since I already voiced out my concerns to the girls and now this! Especially since my girls are growing up.

But there are things to prevent that. Talk to your girls and tell them:

- They are not allowed to play with grown up men alone.
- Prevent them from going to anyone's room alone.
- Tell mama and papa immediately if they dont feel comfortable when someone touches them.
- Better yet, tell them touching is not allowed.
- Never let strangers inside the house.
- Dont talk to strangers.
- Do not accept anything from strangers.
- If they feel they must do it, they are allowed to scream and run away from someone they are not comfortable with.

Most importantly, talk frankly to the 'men' in your circle and let them know your opinion about playing with your girls. They should understand without questions. If not, avoid those men.

I would rather be safe than sorry.

Am I being paranoid? No, I just want to have a happy family.


Vlado&Toni said...

gosh, you really cannot trust anyone these days, so be careful'll really never know .. sad as it is the world is filled with lots of bad people :(

raqgold said...

kaya nga we really need to do preventive measures to avoid any bad things happening to at least we could sleep a little easily :(