Sunday, December 6, 2009

St. Nikolaus Day at the German Club

It's MC's turn to receive her gift from St. Nikolaus or Santa Claus

IC was a little shy
The girls were used to have the St. Nikolaus coming exlusively to our house every 6th of December in Germany. But in the Philippines, there is a problem.
'Mama, we want the Nikolaus to come to our house again,' MC said. I told them I am not sure if he could come to our house this time.
To which IC exclaimed, ' I know why, because there are a lot of children here in the Philippines and it is very traffic he wont have time to visit all the houses.' :D
Thing is, we dont really have a Nikolaus candidate and the date was fast approaching. Good thing we received a note from the kids' school that there is a traditional celebration of St. Nikolaus Day in the German Club. We were asked to send the gifts and our notes to Santa a few days earlier; which we did.
Of course, I had to keep little gifts under the tree as an early morning St.Nikolaus day surprise to them before driving to the German Club. I told them Santa left something but the real big ones would come from him. In fact, the people in our household also received gifts from Santa. I had to explain to them that in Germany, St. Nikolaus or Santa Claus comes earlier because it is the Child Jesus who comes on Christmas Eve to bring the Christmas gifts.
Well, Santa came at the German Club. For the first time, the kids shared Santa with other kids. For the first time, they heard their 'Santa notes' without being shy that people would know what they did and Santa's suggestions on what they could do better. MC to sleep earlier and IC to stop teasing her big síster to tears.
When I asked them what they think about this, they chirped, 'that was also fun.' That's great to know as Christmas is really a time for sharing!

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