Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's your decision

We were listing down MC's invitees to her post 8th birthday kiddie party a few weeks ago.

I told her, it is her decision.

She would know who to invite. She should know why she invited her guests.

She said she would invite six kids only; and proceeded to write down their names on the invitation cards. And then a dilemma. Should she invite T or not?

I told her she should weigh things first. The negative and the positive things about T.

She pointed out why she wanted T to be there.

Positive: MC likes to play with her.

Negative: T tends to monopolize the time of one of her favorite playmates, E, which she also invited.

Therefore, T was not included in the list. But they are still playing together in the school.

Then I learned that T would be celebrating her birthday in the coming week. MC said, 'T did not invite me to her birthday party. She invited only three girls.'

And then she added, 'it's okay, I already know that would happen. The reason is because, I didnt invite her also to my party. But it was a good decision on my part because I enjoyed my party without fighting for E's attention.'

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