Friday, April 16, 2010

Trees have feelings, too!

While on a long drive to the province last week, MC was bewildered by the many posters plastered all over the walls and the street posts, hanging on trees branches and stapled on the stems of the plants and trees.

She said, 'Mama, why are they doing those things?'

I told her that it is election time. They placed those posters for people to know who to vote.

She said again, 'Mama, don't they know that trees have feelings, too? It is painful for them when those posters are nailed or stapled on their stems and branches.'

I told her she's right. The juices of the trees would flow when they do that, and that would be their tears.

She said once more, 'How could the trees talk to them to let them know that it hurts?'

I told her that when the wind blows and the trees would sway to the wind, you would hear them talking. It would be up to you to interpret what they are saying.

To which MC added, ' You see, I am sure they would say, please stop hurting us.'