Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook and My 8-year-old

Going home after school, eight-year-old MC was not in a good mood and it seems I am the culprit.

Prodding her to tell me what's bothering her, she said, 'Mama, what is Facebook?'

I told her Facebook is something that you would see in the computer, in the internet.

She continued belligerently, 'Why are you not telling me anything about Facebook? Dont you know that eight out of 14 kids in our class have Facebook? Only six, including me, doesnt have a Facebook. Even the brothers and sisters of my classmates have Facebook. Our teacher said, she used to have Facebook; but now she dont have it anymore. I dont understand why you wont let me know anything about Facebook.'

I told her that I didnt tell her anything about Facebook because I dont think that Facebook is important to her at this time. I told her I use Facebook because it is good in disseminating information and in sharing some ideas and is good for promoting business matters and events and is great for finding people you have been missing for a long time. (Nope, I dont play games nor add applications, I dont want to complicate things.)

I told her that she could have Facebook when she is at least 18 years old. For now she better enjoy her toys, her friends, her bikes, her freedom to play outside. She blurted out the next question, 'but how is it that G, (our neighbor who is a year older than her) already have one, too?'

'Remember that she proudly informed us that she lied about her age to get a Facebook account?' I emphasized to MC. 'To get something because you lied about is not worth it. You better wait until you are old enough.' Those words seemed to calm her down.

Then I explained to her that her Papa doesnt also know what Facebook is. And G, our new housemaid doesnt know what Facebook is. And F, our office assistant doesnt know what Facebook is. And her Teacher, lost her Facebook already. But all of them are satisfied with their lives. Meaning, Facebook is not that important to live a happy life.

Still, MC wont be appeased. The kids at school was teasing her because she doesnt know anything about Facebook. She wants to know what Facebook is. Basta!

The next morning, I turned on the computer and went online. Finally, MC got to see what Facebook is all about. She saw texts and photos. 'Is that all about Facebook, Mama?' she was disappointed.

I frankly told her that there are more things about Facebook; but these are the things that are important to me.

Then I asked her, 'what do you think is better?'

To which she sheepishly replied, 'I think I better play with my toys!'

But before she left, she gave me a very sweet hug, still smiling sheepishly. I returned it to her, with a small prayer that when MC start really to get really curious to learn more about these social networking sites, I hope that she would let me know.


Anonymous said...

good for MC! good job, momma kengks =)

Vlado&Toni said...

i know, i told a friend the same thing, facebook is not for kids! her friend wanted to add me as her friend, i said what?? facebook is not for kids, even if it is just about playing games.