Thursday, June 3, 2010

We're off cleaning a beach shore!

It is 3:51 in the morning, I am already up. I need to finish a writing project because I am starting a new project.

In a few hours, I would wake up the whole household.

We are going to the beach. This time, not only to relax and bum around; this time we have a purpose; this time are have no space for all the rubber duckies and shovels and beach toys, this time I wont bring a book, this time we are going to work, this time we have a car full of cleaning materials!

We are off to the Dulong Buhanging Beach in Mulanay, Quezon to clean its shore!

We were in Mulanay, Quezon; a province around 300 kilometers away from Manila, the Philippine capital. Mulanay, Quezon is a coastal town with a population of 50,000.

We realized we need to do something when we visited the place two months ago on a whim; with an eenzy, weenzy goal. We dropped by the beach and boy, we had a great time! The thing is, if you forget what you would first see before reaching the beach; you would really enjoy the place.

The usual thing: dirty beach shore, with broken glasses almost everywhere you step! It was not a nice thing to see.

In fact, my girls were the ones who opened my eyes and gave me the idea. Always being warned to watch their step -- as a result, both of them were very meticulous on how to move around when in a strange place and particularly on a beach shore, we were picking up debris and broken glasses before we knew it!

When we reluctantly left the area after a short but unforgettable visit, at first, we wanted it to be just a family project. Visiting shores and cleaning up, just like that. And then somebody said we could ask the city officials to help our, or even ask for sponsors.

Well, why not? After all, there are a lot of shores to clean. And this is just the initial stage.

So our family project, turned into an advocacy. To make a better place for the future generation.

Presenting, our first

Renew and Re-Green Project -- at the Dulong Buhangin Beach in Mulanay, Quezon.

In cooperation with the Mulanay, Quezon city officials led by Mayor Prudencio Maxino Jr., City Engr. Delio de Leon, its SK group -- with the generous sponsorships of:

Pilipinas Shell, Pepsi-Cola, at Clorox Phils. Intl.

The International Filipino, the newspaper for Filipino OFWs and migrant workers and Deutsch Resources Management Inc.

Wish us luck!

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