Thursday, June 10, 2010

IC just got married!

My six-year-old girl got married today. With another six-year old, Calvin, her favorite boy in class.

It didnt come as a surprise at all.

Calvin already went down on his knees while in the playground during school hours last Monday; and asked loudly for all kids to hear 'IC, will you marry me?'

The kids protested. Why not? Because they dont have any rings to seal their vows, that's why.

Thus, they consulted their teacher during their farewell circle. And everybody was in agreement, there should be a complete ceremony, with rings, with music, with dance, with cakes and whatever.

Tuesday, they were still discussing the wedding. Isabela wants to have it after a year; Calvin wants it done as soon as possible. Their classmates want it done the next days!

Wednesday, they already practiced their respective roles. The wedding invitation has been created and distributed to all their classmates: Thursday, 10:30 a.m. in their classroom. I am supposed to bake a cake, while Calvin's mama was tasked to bring cookies. I asked someone to buy a cake, had IC's and Calvin's name on it and IC was happy.

Thursday, IC's excited. She's got two big bags for school. It turned out, she's packed her 'wedding gown,' her 'wedding shoes,' her make-up kits and a song book in one bag. The other bag contained her school things. While dressing up this morning, she took notice of my polo shirt and short 'Mama, you should dress up or else you wont be allowed to be my guest!' Oops :D

What happened at 10:30 a.m. today? There was a wedding. My husband and I attended, of course. The bride was dressed in a fuschia gown, barefoot with a homemade necklace and had a light pink eye shadow. The groom was wearing an Egyptian-inspired red headgear in shorts and t-shirts; barefoot, too.

The officiating 'lady' was holding the song book; the teacher was playing a hymn; the classmates were sitting quietly when the bride and groom marched to the 'altar.' After the rings were given (Calvin had to run to his school bag to retrieve the forgotten rings); bride and groom danced. Followed by the wedding 'kiss', a group dance, a group photo -- and of course, the cutting of the cake and the reception.

The kids had fun. It was making their fantasies a reality. The teacher informed us that it was mostly the kids' ideas. It was great letting them create and re-create; to let their ideas flow so smoothly when they wanted to do something together.

Do you think it would end like tha`t? Of course not, the last time I heard; another couple's tying the knot next week, too!

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